Change of Meeting Date!

Hello fellow members and friends of the Nashville CWRT.

We normally meet the third Monday of each month but September has one of those date anomalies that lines us up with Murfreesboro and Clarksville that week which will actually make it the second Monday of September. Since we are sharing a speaker with the other two CWRTs this was how it shakes out for the month.

So please mark your calendars now for Monday, September 14th at Ft. Negley Visitors Center. Our speaker is Russell S. Bonds, from the Atlanta CWRT. He is the author of the great book on the Great Locomotive Chase called “Stealing The General,” and his new book on Atlanta will be out by then as well. His program is on the Great Locomotive Chase – one of the amazing stories of the Civil War! In my opinion his is the best book ever written on the topic of this famous event. He will have copies of his books for sale at the meeting.

So bring lots of your friends and let’s have a big turnout for this special meeting. If you have not made one of our meetings please do consider doing so – not many CWRTs meet at actual Civil War sites! We would love for you to become part of our ranks too! We try to bring in the best speakers on a wide variety of Civil War topics from across the country.

See you all on Monday, September 14th for Russell Bonds.

Greg Biggs
Nashville CWRT
Program Chair


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