Meeting Notice for February!

February 21st, 2011 – Our 23rd Meeting!!

The next meeting of the Nashville (TN) Civil War Roundtable will be on Monday, February 21st, 2011, in the visitor’s center of Ft. Negley Park, a unit of Metro Parks, Nashville, TN.  This is located off I-65 just south of downtown between 4th Avenue South and 8th Avenue South on Edgehill Avenue/Chestnut Avenue.  Take Exit 81, Wedgewood Avenue, off I-65 and follow the signs to the Science Museum.  The meeting begins at 7:00 PM and is always open to the public.  Members please bring a friend or two – new recruits are always welcomed.

Due to lack of time there will be a very short newsletter this month!

OUR SPEAKER AND TOPIC: “General James Chalmers’ Cavalry Division in the Battle of Nashville”

Brig. Gen. James R. Chalmers and his escort made Belle Meade Plantation their headquarters in the days before the December 1864 Battle of Nashville.  The escort provided a violinist and Selene Harding played piano to make their nights “heavenly.”  The good times ended sometime after 2:00 AM on the 15th when a courier had Chalmers awakened to learn of the impending attack by U.S. forces.  With Biffle’s Brigade on the far right, Chalmers only had Rucker’s Brigade to fight off the Union cavalry and the U.S. Navy.  He battled both to a stalemate on the 15th.  Being totally cut off from the infantry line, he pulled off a perfect withdrawal and covered Hood’s retreat on the 16th.  His stand on Granny White Pike prevented the Union cavalry from cutting off General John Bell Hood’s retreat out Franklin Pike.

Ross Massey, historian for the Battle of Nashville Preservation Society and Nashville CWRT member, will be bringing his vast knowledge of this battle to this month’s meeting of the Nashville Civil War Roudntable.  This will be an important addition to our understanding of this pivotal battle as the cavalry operations often get left out.

Please join us for this meeting.  The program with John Walsh on Civil War photography will be rescheduled ASAP.


We had a tremendous program by our own Ross Hudgins on the Civil War diaries of Nashville’s Maggie Vaulx.  The program was well-constructed and backed with an excellent Power Point program and deep knowledge of the subject matter.  Ross delivered it all with great passion.  This is an excellent program and one that comes with the highest praise.

FUTURE PROGRAMS (please check our new web site for other events):

March 2011 – Dr. Glenn LaFantasie, Western Kentucky University/author, “Heroes Of Little Round Top”

April 2011 – Michael Panhorst, Auburn, AL – “Civil War Battlefield Monuments”

May 2011 – Dr. Michael Bradley, historian/author – “The Bodyguard and Staff of Nathan Bedford Forrest”

June 2011 – Dr. Tim Johnson, Lipscomb University – “Civil War Officers in the Mexican War”

July 2011 – Bobby Krick, Historian, Richmond National Battlefield – “The Seven Days Campaign and the Rise of Robert E. Lee”

August 2011 – Greg Wade, Franklin CWRT, “The December 17, 1864 Retreat from Nashville and The Battle of the West Harpeth (Medals of Honor, Fascinating Personalities and an Agricultural Giant)”

October 2011 – Phil Seyfrit, Richmond KY Battlefield, “The Battle of Richmond, Kentucky”

November 2011 – Eric Jacobson, Battle of Franklin Trust – “Baptism of Fire: The Role of Federal Recruits at the Battle of Franklin”



One response to this post.

  1. Posted by Jim Steele on March 8, 2011 at 3:18 pm

    I have a question about hospital locations in Nashville during the Civil War. My great-great-great uncle was in the union army (79th Indiana)and occupied Nashville in 1862. As with a lot of soldiers he got sick and died from Typhoid. I got his records from the national archives and it has a copy of his death certificate that said that he was in hospital #13 when he died. After a lot of internet browsing the best thing I can come up with is that hospital #13 was the Hume high school, now the Hume-Fogg Academic High School. I know the original building has been replaced, but is this in fact the location of hospital #13?

    Any help in this matter would be appreciated.


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