January Meeting Notice and Newsletter

January 16th, 2017 – Our 94th meeting!!  We continue our seventh year. 


The next meeting of the Nashville (TN) Civil War Roundtable will be on Monday, January 17th, 2017, in the visitor’s center of Ft. Negley Park, a unit of Metro Parks, Nashville, TN.  This is located off I-65 just south of downtown between 4th Avenue South and 8th Avenue South on Edgehill Avenue/Chestnut Avenue.  Take Exit 81, Wedgewood Avenue, off I-65 and follow the signs to the Science Museum.


The meeting begins at 7:00 PM and is always open to the public.  Members please bring a friend or two – new recruits are always welcomed.


Our Speaker and Topic  – “Washington County, Virginia In The Civil War”


If you take a drive up I-81 in East Tennessee, once you cross into Virginia at Bristol you are in Washington County.  The county seat is Abingdon.  Tied to Tennessee both geographically and via the East Tennessee and Virginia Railroad, the history of this region is very much the same on both sides of the state line.  Ten companies would recruit from Washington County and serve in the Army of Northern Virginia among other commands.  The county also turned out six Confederate generals, including former Secretary of War John Floyd, who commanded the Confederate garrison at Fort Donelson.  Others include William E. “Grumble” Jones and Joseph E. Johnston.


The county also became a vital region for resources and supplies for the Confederate military and included, besides crops and animals, the salt from the mines at Saltville, Virginia.  This made the county a target for Union cavalry raids and some smaller battles of the war with Union officers George Stoneman, Alvan Gillem and Stephen Burbridge all taking part.  Additionally, Abingdon would become the headquarters for a Confederate departmental command.


Speaking to us this month on Washington County in the Civil War is Michael Shaffer, from Kennesaw, Georgia.  He holds BA and MA degrees in Military History and serves on the board of the Chattahoochee River Line Historic Area as well as being a member of the Society of Civil War Historians, Historians of the Civil War Western Theater and is the consultant for the Friends of Camp McDonald, which was a major Georgia troops training camp in Kennesaw.  Michael writes a regular column for Civil War News and is also an instructor at Kennesaw State University in the Civil War field and lectures across the country.


He is also the author of the book, “Washington County in the Civil War,” and will have copies of his book for sale at the meeting.


Please join us as Michael Shaffer takes us to neighboring Virginia and tells us of the events in Washington County from 1861 to 1865.




Last Month’s meeting


Unfortunately, Dr. James McDonough had to cancel due to illness last month and we hope to have him later this year.


Our own Krista Castillo gave us a fine program comparing and contrasting women in the Civil War era and World War One.    The changes in American society in the Civil War with so many women going to work in ordnance and quartermaster facilities in addition to becoming nurses changed the social structure of the time.  Women indeed showed they could do a number of jobs outside of the home – and this did not count the women who ran family farms while their husbands were in the military.  It set the tone for World War 1, where women not only did many of the same jobs as those in the Civil War, but they also served in the military itself in a number of positions that freed up men for the combat arms.  The program was well detailed with slides including a number of World War One propaganda posters that featured women urging them to step up to the defense of their nation.  Well researched and presented, Krista did a fine job of connecting the women of the two eras.  Thanks for stepping in on very short notice.




February 2017 – Brian Allison, historian/author – program based on his upcoming book, “Murder And Mayhem In Nashville.”

March 2017 – Phillip Whiteman, historian, Marietta, GA. – “The Civil War Sutler – Shyster or

Shrewd Businessman?”

April 2017 – Allen Mesch, historian/author – “General Charles F. Smith” (Based on his recent book.  Smith fought at Fort Donelson and his troops took Clarksville.)


MEMBERS AND DUES – The membership has decided that every May will be our fiscal year.  Please plan on taking care of your membership renewals at this meeting.  The annual dues structure for the Nashville CWRT is as follows:


Single membership – $20
Family – $30
Military – Active duty and Veterans – $15
Military Family – Active duty and Veterans – $25
Student – $10
Senior (age 60 plus) – $15
Senior couple – $20


Your dues for the 2015-2016 fiscal year are now due.  Please plan on paying them at this month’s meeting if you have not already.  Your dues go to bringing in our speakers, donating to causes, etc.  If you are current you will have four stars on your name badge.




When your dues are paid you will be issued a new name badge with the fiscal year on it.  If you do not have a name badge then you are not current.


Our dues go to paying for speakers as well as donations for Civil War preservation causes especially those of a local nature.  Please be sure to pay your dues so we can offer the best programs possible for you!  We also utilize donated items for silent auctions each month to help add to the treasury.  If you have something you would like to donate for these auctions, please bring them to the meetings.  Books, art, or anything Civil War, works very well.  Thanks very much to all of you who have made such donations!




Want A Tour of the Shiloh Battlefield?  Try David Stewart.


If you are heading to Shiloh National Military Park and want something much more than driving around that wonderful site with the Park Service brochure, then a personal guided tour is the thing for you.  David Stewart, of Collierville, TN, offers guided tours of this wonderful battlefield and has been doing so for quite some time.


For information about his tours, which include more than Shiloh (like Gettysburg, Brice’s Crossroads and more), what they entail and costs, please visit his web site at – www.shilohcivilwartours.com.  A schedule of group tours and their locations is also posted on the web site.


The Civil War On Television (Courtesy of the Cleveland CWRT newsletter)


Here’s some Civil War TV programs for your enjoyment.  Nice to see these – hope we can get even more!


Antiques Roadshow: The Civil War Years – Artifacts: WVIZ/PBS Monday, January 23, 2017 (8 PM and 3 rebroadcasts)


Lincoln Assassination: American Experience (PBS.org) will broadcast “The Assassination of Abraham Lincoln” on January 17, 2017 at 8 PM (ET).


More Civil War Television That You Can Watch On Your Computer (Courtesy of the Des Moines, IA CWRT newsletter)


C-Span does regular interviews with all sorts of authors including noted Civil War historians.  Please find here a link to the broadcast of Dr. Earl Hess, noted author and professor of history at Lincoln Memorial University in East Tennessee on “Civil War Weapons and Tactics.” This is based on his recent book on the topic which continues the trend of challenging the myth of the rifle musket as being the cause for so much slaughter in the war.




You might spend some time on their web site for other Civil War programs they offer.


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